Monday, October 26, 2015


My last post attracted one reply. Stated I used bad English etc. and something about using info from other sites?  No name used.  Well hope the writer gets well soon.  And stays away from here 

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Nothing much just a rant

CTS schedule for the Korean line is strange. They always just seemed to state.  New item etc. 

Stengle still not on the ball. Doing same thing he did in 2014 

Barzso on the way out?  Seems so to us.  

Austin is lagging behind too it seems 
Paragon right schedule but many tell us the ACW figures not exciting.  And fig pose not enough even though u can change heads

LOD Figures folks seem to like a lot and he has some nice items promised for the future

Every one of course is an expert. We say leave them all alone.  Well maybe not all lol 

Curious as to what seems like a huge interest in bucket sets. Certainly not collect able are they?  Diorama builders maybe the reason.?  

You can post here ya know. This is a far better place then the others out there