Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Wheels go round and round......finaly

Hobby Bunker was continually amazing me with their Marx releases they issued from the molds they purchased.   One thing they did was issue some items in also the exact same color Marx had originally used. The German 88 with missing barrel,  Bomar Missile Launcher with no missile, the revered Marx Stage Coach with no wheels, axles, driver, horses and without the proper hitch.

Now it seems after a reported deal with CTS the Stage has been issued with wheels, axles, Buckboard hitch, two horse hitch, two horses and a driver.   Ah but they still don't have it right......the Driver is a MARX ACW Limber rider (as per the picture on the HB site).

More Scale Wars

A company in the Far East called Expeditionary Force, a maker to date of 40mm war game figures has entered the 54mm arena with some ACW and Ancients.  One dealer/manufacturer we see loosely quoted as stating they are more in scale with MARX, Imex, Accurate and Cunnyngham.  The are not in scale with TSSD and Conte ACW.  From the photos we have seen we have to agree in fact we will even go as far to say they look a bit smaller the Marx, Imex, etc.   However TSSD makes IMHO what I consider a confusing statement.  The say these figures are "A true 54mm" ? ? ? ? ?

This is a bit frustrating as I find the ACW one of my favorite eras.  Took me awhile to finally come to terms with the new larger 54mm.  They are all in storage LOL.  So do we need a "third" 54mm scale ? 

The your a little bit special

I have always connected the term "specialty figure(s)" to the metal world  or maybe to a larger scale plastic figure.  It kinda knocked me for a lope when I heard a set of plastic figures described as "Specialty Figures. and then some collectors label some produced in the past with the same  title.

These Specialty figures mean high costs we are told which is passed onto us the collectors.  We are told we asked for them.  I didnt, did you ? LOL

IMHO I can do without special sets.  I do not feel a company should place itself in jeopardy by making them. 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Paragon Scouts

We note that folks have rec'd the new Paragon Scout Set and overall are very happy with them.  As expected most ordered at least 2 sets.

New TSSD Playset

TSSD will have a new Civil War playset soon.   I remember when Conte launched their ACW playsets how collectors howled over his inclusion of other makers products such as MARX re-issues.  The TSSD playsets it seems will have much of other folks products included.  I wonder if folks will accept this this time around?