Wednesday, December 14, 2011


We reported that a manufacturer/dealer had failed to produce some new cowboys in resin due to cost but was going to do them in plastic. We find the price of $20.00 for 4 figures a bit much if in fact true.

The guy who owns HAT must have deep pockets. Must be nice to produce all the sets he does and to us it seems he does them on a whim. All those sets of tank riders ??? Now he seems to have touched on the French and Indian War (SYW) We hope he covers the American side of the conflict too.

Lastly "King of Plastic" still has yet to produce a thing in quite some time. He does continue to turn out metal sets. He has even offered an excuse.

Kudos to CTS for their new plastic figure sets and to Replicants.

We are told not to look for any more new MARX re-issue figures sets from Hobby Bunker as he used all the figure molds.

Imex/Accurate forget about it

Paragon is still on track and should have new sets in 2012.

That wraps up what we have been told.

Happy Holidays

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