Monday, May 28, 2012

May 28, 1863

The 54th Massachusetts, a regiment of African-American recruits, leaves Boston, headed for Hilton Head, South Carolina.

I did not dig out my troops because of camera problems. SO I copied this from Battlefield Legends Toy Soldiers. See links section.

William Pitt the Younger, prime minister of England (1783-1801) was born. (Uncle Bill!!!) Sorry about this picture. I think my old camera has had it or is cursed. I took the picture below under the exact same settings. Can't figure it out!

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Scott B. Lesch said...

Boy I hate those Call to Arms Civil War figures. Crisp casting but the Union poses are off from any manual of arms position to form a marching unit or firing line or the Confederates too "operatic" for use beyond one figure per scene.