Sunday, June 3, 2012

Rock bottom pricing

Saw this in 2 places on the web regarding Cunnyngham Collectibles.......

We're reducing our Confederates in price to $6.99 a bag! That's extremely low!! As in, that's about what they cost us to make! But it's time to clear out the last of the inventory. One bag is $3 shipping. Two and Three bags is $5 shipping. You order 4 or more, and the shipping is on us!!

Good deal but also a bit of a shame. TSSD stated collectors need to support the VERY few manufacturers out there. Of course we do not agree with this literally UNLESS, one the product is good and two it is something YOU want. But we feel this product is quite good and given the reportedly vast number of ACW collectors we would have thought the sales would have been strong. So if you didn't get these the first time around give them another look see.

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Scott B. Lesch said...

You can Cunnyngham Collectibles figures in with the new Classic Toy Soldiers Confederates. Swap some heads around too to make more individuals. They make a nice defensive firing line.