Monday, September 10, 2012


So a Dealer/Manufacturer is ranting on his site (and someone re-posted it to a forum)  that he will not offer FREE shipping.  In summary he states he wishes whoever started this practice never had and he is hurting others,  and he will not give up his hard earned  profits.

 A little research of several other Dealers (some of which also manufacture) seems to indicate they all charge LESS shipping then our friend.  It also looks like he only ships UPS which may or may not be a cost factor.  We do find it strange that Dealers can afford to ship his products cheaper and in a few rare cases sell them cheaper.   They only make maybe 30-35% profit whereas  our friend earns that and more when you buy direct from him..

So my method is to find the product I want at the cheapest price including shipping.   I am not gonna pay higher prices to support any Dealer/Manufacturer.  

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