Tuesday, November 20, 2012

More Scale Wars

A company in the Far East called Expeditionary Force, a maker to date of 40mm war game figures has entered the 54mm arena with some ACW and Ancients.  One dealer/manufacturer we see loosely quoted as stating they are more in scale with MARX, Imex, Accurate and Cunnyngham.  The are not in scale with TSSD and Conte ACW.  From the photos we have seen we have to agree in fact we will even go as far to say they look a bit smaller the Marx, Imex, etc.   However TSSD makes IMHO what I consider a confusing statement.  The say these figures are "A true 54mm" ? ? ? ? ?

This is a bit frustrating as I find the ACW one of my favorite eras.  Took me awhile to finally come to terms with the new larger 54mm.  They are all in storage LOL.  So do we need a "third" 54mm scale ? 

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