Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Thoughts at Summer's end

The end is near and that means OTSN.  The really cool guys now say OTS.  Anyway we do not have much to rant about until we see the new stuff (plastic) that is released there.  We are disappointed to hear that supposedly most it will be in 60mm.  Paragon we hope will stick to its sort of middle of the road scale and Barzso to 54mm if in fact he releases any figures.  TSSD, and Austin figures we hear will be big .
We also have heard  that we can thank CONTE for the large forthcoming TSSD Alamo sets.  TSSD determined that collectors want their Alamo figures in the scale of Conte's figures. We wonder how CTS feels about that.  No one even asked us but that is OK as we do not do much with that era so we could care less. 

Oh yes look for a surprise with regards to the Paragon US Cavalry Horse Holder set. 

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