Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Recwnr New Products

Recent burst of new stuff has included some figure sets, playsets and a tank(?)

So many comments out there almost no reason for me to comment.  But I will. I don't have much interest in any period past 1900.  S I will not make any comments.  But fools who feel the same start off their comments with the same comment and then go on to review the figures. If you don't like the era and don't collect it please shut up.  A lot of fools like this out there. 

Do you folks really think Sell Toys, CTS and TSSD would sunk the money they do into NEW products if they didn't know what they were doing ?  The part I don't get is why one company is so earnestly seeking the advice of its customer as to what to do next.  Have they read  the comments out there besides the ones emailed to them.  I am a little cool on the playsets and could likely throw together a better one myself. Naw.

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