Sunday, February 26, 2012


The news and picture of Barszo's new Rev War figure seem to be generating some discussion out there so of course we thought we would add our "Thoughts". I love the Rev War period and F & I but sadly like so many I do not study the uniforms that closely. The barrel band thingee would have gotten pass me and I will no doubt add them to my F & I items. I guess I fall into the group that feels if it is red it is OK. Oh the shame. But that is just me. On the other hand if a ACW soldier is dangled in front of my I go on the offensive!.

The bottom line I guess is enjoy them. However if you notice something that bothers you it is fine to mention it especially if you get the chance too BEFORE the figure has gone into production. After all we all have different tastes and personalities.


Scott B. Lesch said...

Yeah Yeah, that's me. While it doesn't make me an "expert", I did carry a repro of the Brown Bess for several years as a "Redcoat" during the Bicentennial. Call To Arms British
grenadiers aren't bad,just small. Their "Lights" are awful. Accurate's are OK if you can find them in red plastic, I have a ton, and AIP's Rev-War are too stiff looking although I have "s-load" of them. I was hoping for better from Barzso. We shall see if the squeaky wheel gets greased.

A Collector said...

I know several ACW reenactors/collectors who are the same. What makes the CTA lights so bad ? How about the CTS and Cherbens ?

Scott B. Lesch said...

The CTS British Light Infantry look like an entirely different sculptor did them from the CTS Grenadiers. There's only two poses that are useful in the set. (Advancing and firing)The helmets only work for "stay at home" British militia units and the 5th Regiment in America.

No complaints on the other makers at this time.

A Collector said...

Thanks for that. TO me such info is useful.