Friday, March 30, 2012


Spent the afternoon pouring over the new Paragon Wild West Cavalry. Very nice indeed. I imagine a few will take issue with the Head/Hat thing. One thing I noted quite by accident is that they fit very well IMHO on IMEX horses. The poses are good with no one firing a carbine one handed. The Officer's sword has the sword knot flying in the wind and that position of his saber is right out of the US Cavalry manual. For you purists the Officer is not carrying a carbine. I do wish one or two were wearing a kepi simply because I like that head gear.

I had heard that these figures were intended for those (IMEX) horses but cannot confirm that. Likewise they seem to go well with the Imex ACW Cavalry. Paragon are of course more full bodied and all. I may just add a troop or two to my 5th Cav diorama that is sadly lacking decent Mtd troops since my Airfix troops look so under sized compared to the new Cavalry out there. Check them out ......

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