Friday, March 23, 2012


Conte is posting he may offer single color metal if we plastic guys are interested. Think about that ....We are plastic guys why would he offer us metal painted to look like plastic...why would he think we would want it ? I guess some would. I myself buy Lemax to get a pose I 'need' that I cannot get in plastic. But then again I can get my hands on LEMAX. Conte however makes offers or states plans we will most likely NEVER see. (sigh) I really wonder why the lack of plastic on his part. CTS, TSSD, WTC, AIP, Paragon and others have continually churned out plastic despite the economy, China etc. So why no CONTE plastic? Many tell me they have as I lost interest in Conte plastic. I sincerely wish he would stop teasing us.

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Scott B. Lesch said...

Single color metal? The point of single color plastic is the fun of blue guys and red guys that are cheap, don't break, or need special treatment. I'll paint them if I feel like it. (Thanks TSSD!)

A metal figure is not like that in any way. Just sell us unpainted "military miniatures" like the good old days with painting guides. The trouble is that even unpainted castings like old Imrie/Risley are $17.00!!!!

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