Tuesday, April 24, 2012


One plastic manufacturer who had a few of his recently released figure sets labeled as large by collectors has stated on the web, I am told,  in so many words that yes they are indeed large.   It was further stated that he does not make figures to match the scale of those produced many years ago and that the growing trend in plastic and metal (metal ???) is to make larger figures. Well their you have it. They are large, they are gonna continue to be large. Oh yeah and do not criticize them. 

We like this and applaud this manufacturer for putting the word out there.   The do not criticize part we do not like so much and will address that in the future.

Not to worry as several other manufacturers continue to make figure sets that are close to those of years ago. Check out CTS, AIP and Paragon.
Now that's a large figure.......


Scott B. Lesch said...

Maybe the larger figures are because the demographics of collectors.

Are collectors getting too old to handle 54mm figures in their cold dead hands?..or even see them?

(wow this robot test really could summon up "The Old Ones!")

The Collector said...

Funny you mention that because the figure manufacturer did too! LOL
looks like most manufacturers are doing 54mm or at least something close to it.