Monday, July 9, 2012


One of my fav things to do is read Playset Magazine and Plastic Warrior Magazine.  I really like as I do not buy them I read my friend's issues.  One article that appears every year is one by a UK dealer based on the plastic released.  I noted with interest this year  that the author pointed out that CTS continues to make new figures in the MARX scale of 50mm.  Typo ?  We think not as he is one of the Large Figure advocates as evidenced by his own line of figures.  As I have stated here in the past I like MARX.  Truth be known I even have a few (a very few) playsets and loads of the reissues and accessories.  So to each (manufacturer) his own.  And please take note that in that very same issue was article on Barzso's coming Rev War set and figures all done in plastic and  "designed to be compatible in scale ( oh their is that dirty word) with MARX and ACCURATE.   Needless to say this once again shows that the larger figures are not the wave of the future as some claim.


Mike Niederman said...

I've been collecting certain Marx lines since the mid-fifties. I don't think 50mm is a normal size of theirs; 45mm, 54mm, 60mm were the most common. I think that must have been a typo. 60mm is about 1/30 scale, 50mm is 1/35.

The Collector said...

I thought so too until I got a few Private emails stating the dealer/manufacturer is anti MARX it seems and doesnt play well with CTS either. By the way "WELCOME".