Wednesday, July 18, 2012

More New, but not now

Barzso site has more photos of their Rev War set.  And TSSD is showing some of one of their new sets.......US Cavalry!    These items along with the Paragon Set of US Scouts are all due to be released at OTSN

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G. Thomas Fitzpatrick said...

Liking the Concord Bridge "add-on". But cutting away the filled in resin between the rails looks to be time-consuming and delicate work.

The Lexington Belfry must be the 3rd house with the playset.

The grenadiers' firing line also looks like something that will have to be added.

As I look at the photos, I see that the grennies are wearing knapsacks. Can't tell if the gaiters are long or short. Too myopic to pick out that detail.

Of course General Gage's orders to the various regiments for the Concord expedition specified short gaiters and no knapsacks. X-Acto knife will get a workout.

All we are missing for important structures to bring the battles of Lexington and Concord to life are Buckman Tavern and the Lexington Meetinghouse. The two houses we have in the playset can double for battle road scenarios.

I have built some orchards (real stones superglued into stone walls, model railroad foam for grass, and Lemax Halloween village trees stripped and painted to look like apple trees in early Spring in Eastern Mass on a plywood square base) and road sections (same stones superglued into walls). And a couple of meadow sections are ready to go.

Contemplating conversions to turn all these grenadiers into light infantry. As I noted before, the light infantry were the principal units involved at both Lexington and Concord Bridge. The grenadiers were in support and mostly ended up as targets marching back to Boston.

CTA Maryland infantry has 1 pose whose head would work, but would have to buy a lot of them, as you only get 4 with light caps per box. Then there are the CTA British Light Infantry, but I don't care for the helmets.

Imrie Risley has a very workable helmet with its American light infantry figures, but their cost has jumped to $20 a figure. Would they send you 60 light infantry-capped heads if you asked, as a special order?? Have to find out.

I have already picked up 2 sets of Barzso's F&I American militia. Two boxes of original production Accurate American militia on the way, too. With these new militia figures in the playset, and a few old Marx figures reworked, plus 1 Barzso F&I British Firing Line reworked, 2 boxes of CTA Maryland Infantry so heads can be switched, and 1 Accurate British Infantry reworked, plus the 5 militia figures from W. Britains, I think I am on the way to creating a very workable April 19th playset, without touching the very expensive (but excellent) First Legion painted 58mm-60mm lead.

My objective is to be able to deploy a customized and super-sized Lexington/Concord playset with about 3 full strength companies each of light infantry and grenadiers, and about 200 militia in as many varied poses as possible. All authentic to Eastern Massachusetts militia of 1775, and the regiments of the British Army in Boston's garrison in April 1775.

I wonder, if in the back of his mind, Ron is thinking of a Breed's Hill redoubt and more militia poses, as well as light infantry, for the mid-range future.