Saturday, October 6, 2012


I read on a forum that Steve Weston Dealer/Manufacturer of some really excellent figures stated that MARX figures were always smaller then others.  Hmmm I am not a Marx collector per say but I do have most of the re-issue figure sets and accessories.  I have always found MARX fit great with Airfix, Britains, Reisler, Gung-Ho Timpo solids and a few others.  Even Mr. Westom's First attempt which were cowboys many label the Mag 7 fit right in.  Of course then he joined the ranks of TSSD and Conte in using this "new" 54mm scale.

 Is it me or are these new MAKERS always trying to detract from MARX  and/or the "Old" 54mm scale.
Of course I do buy some of the new "scale" but if they do not mix well with the old I pass on them.  I am so happy CTS and Barzso seem to have decided to stick to the old 54mm.

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