Friday, October 12, 2012

Paragon Paradox

 Paragon has addressed a Forum members thoughts on the New Scout Set costs

 Member stated
While these figs look fabulous, I'm assuming that the numerical demand for "scouts" is probably going to be less than for rank and file troopers or Indians simply because most folks won't be using more than a handful of scouts in any set-up. So if the producer can't anticipate selling multiple sets to customers, he'd really have to charge more than average to recover the costs.

Paragon Reply
Thank you, Plastic Fan, for your insight. Specialty figures are more costly to produce exactly for the reason you stated. Mold and production costs are even higher for Specialty figures than they are for rank and file troopers. The factory requires minimum orders and when you go below their minimum they slap on additional fees.

Our customers asked for these figures. We wanted to please them. We also want to stay in business. In order to do both we have to charge a price that will allow us to do both.

Thanks to all for your feedback.


My Thoughts
If Paragon didnt think they would sell then they should have explained that to their customers and not do them.   It seems that the fact they ordered a minimum run was the reason for the higher costs.  I myself do not think of these as Specialty figures.  They can easily be used as rank and file. 

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