Wednesday, May 29, 2013

2013 Texas Show

I do not do show reports etc but will pass on info from the readers of this blog.  Paragon had a new Indian War Era playset on display and it will be available at OTSN 2013 in the Fall.  Paragon site should have photos etc soon.

We are also told that Ron Barzso was at the show and stated he will do the Yorktown set but it has been delayed.  He will have prototypes etc at OTSN.  This should satisfy folks and I would think and end the flame war between PM editors and Stad. Actually it was a one sided war as the Editors of PM have way to much class to comment.

TSSD also showed an Alamo prototype figure or two and the new buildings.  All reportedly will be available at OTSN.

So it will be a long hot summer it seems with NO new items.  Looks like a great Fall.

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