Friday, May 10, 2013

Wyatt Earp was a man, a big man...

No wait that's Daniel Boone.  Ok ...Wyatt is too.  I finally got to see and handle the TSSD "Earp" set.  Big boys all around.  Great detail.  Just too big for me.  I am told the Cowboys are big too and I remember an issue of PM reported they were 60-65mm.   That must have upset the folks at TSSD.  But it was accurate.  If I had a set I would mostly put them on a shelf.

I can only hope that his rumored impending release of two sets of Alamo related figures are scaled back somewhat.  I have loads of Alamo figures but will not use them if they are equal in size to Conte's.  Nope I do not use Conte's either.  

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