Friday, December 7, 2012

A bit confused

This year Arizona is celebrating its centennial, or 100-year anniversary, as a state. Arizona became the 48th state on February 14, 1912.

I like the State's views on Gun Control and their  handling of illegals and criminals in general. I do not understand the all the interest the OK Corral fight draws.   Heck Earp was not even a native son.   I do like most of the movies except perhaps Lancaster/Douglas one and the I never cared much for the TV Show. 

One thing this anniversary  has done in our hobby is sparked  interest in Wyatt Earp.  TSSD has churned out a line called "Tombstone" (Buildings and figures).  It includes the Earps and Doc vs. The Clantons so one can set up the OK Corral Fight.  Very nice figures that we label as part of the new 54mm scale.  In other words they are big.  Both sets will see double duty in the new TSSD Cavalry set.  The first will be Pinkertons/Spys and the second will be Drovers. 

Replicants to me has had the Pinkertons and  for that matter the Earps covered for years.  These figures are labeled as Pinkertons and Bounty Hunters.  When I first saw them I thought The Earps and Doc.

PM  Marx set coverage in the recent issue is a bit disappointing.  It didnt even contain a current photo of the actor Hugh O'Brien who the playset was named after.  PM claimed it was the only set to have the actors name in the title  (and also had the longest title of any playset) Seems to have over looked that Ricard Greene also has his name in title,,,,,,,

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