Tuesday, December 25, 2012

EBAY Dealers

You know how much I love EBAY dealers who are ...ah silly.   I even have a TAB for them.  Here is a new story.

One has an Atlantic Davy Crockett set listed.   It is listed as USED but in the description he states it is MINT and has  only one missing  piece and this is MINT ?   The set actually came with  several  more pieces.   I have been told by an acquaintance (no, not one of MY very good friends) that the seller has been NICELY notified of his piece count error  and was even offered one of the missing pieces!!!  Still he has not changed his auction details.  This is NOT a new dealer either but rather a self proclaimed  plastic expert.  He also recently listed some accessories from Cohn I am told as excellent and in the details stated except one is cracked.    So beware of silly dealers from Pennsylvania.

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