Monday, December 17, 2012

ACW 54mm Cavalry

I have always felt my ACW Cavalry to be lacking.  The fault partly mine and partly the manufacturers.  Imex made IMHO some great Union cavalry and Rebs .  Italeri did the same in reverse.  A great set of Confederate  cavalry but no run in blue.  I have all of them  and of course added a few Marx and a BMC pose or two.  But I never felt satisfied,  I even added the Airfix 7th and a few Britians deetail cavalry.  Then TSSD released  ACW cavalry in both colors but in that new larger 54mm size that just didn't match in my mind.   But know if reports are true the new Expeditionary Forces (aka Xforce) seem to be an answer to filling out those regular 54mm ACW Cavalry.  In fact one reader tells us that the horses match the Italeri ones quite nicely.

What  do you do with the TSSD Cavalry ?  Why Custer of course,  but you may have to sacrifice other cavalry you have been using for Custer era such as Airfix, BMC etc.  Do not forget Paragon.  This were intended specially for the Indians Wars and not meant to embrace the ACW as TSSD intends for their ACW/Indian War Cavalry.  

Mount up!
Column of Twos
Column Left
March ........

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