Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Barzso New Figures

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G. Thomas Fitzpatrick said...

Allow me to say that I am really glad to see new AWI figures in 1/32 plastic coming out. I am delighted to see that they work with Marx/ACTA/Accurate/AIP/CTS and with Ron's F&I militia.

Critique from what I can see in the pics? This is part of a Lexington Green playset. The Massachusetts militia who fought onh April 19th, 1775 would not have been running around in waistcoats. April in New England is chilly. The average high temp is something like 56 degrees (and if I remember David Hackett Fisher's research, that was about the high for the day of the battle. Going about outside in just a waistcoat was considered being "undressed" in 18th century Anglo-Irish-American society. All figures should have coats.

Waistcoats and even shirtsleeves work for Bunker Hill, as the day was very hot and conventions of dress were put aside to avoid heat or sunstroke. Even the British made the 3rd assault after some men put aside their regimental coats.

But thank the Good Lord there are no buckskin or hunting frocks or rifles that I can see.

The figures seem dynamic, aside from the guy lolling around with his musket or fowler on his shoulder.

On the British side, all Grenadiers? No Light Bobs? The Light Bobs did all the fighting on Lexington Green and at Concord Bridge. The Grenadiers were largely in support.

Each regiment's light company wore a distinctive pattern cap, since there was no mandated pattern for the whole army. Whether they ever wore those expensive leather caps in the field or just wore cocked hats, who knows? But if they did wear them at all, the first two battles in April and June would have been the times that they did.

To date, only the very disappointing ACTA figures have any sort of Light Infantry line. I say disappointing because I don't find the poses good. The poses show too much loafing around and not enough combat poses. One of the combat poses shows a light brandishing a tomahawk, which probably never happened in the entire war, as they were eliminated right after the AWI precisely because they were never used in North America. I also think the light cap pattern they decided to sculpt was probably worn very little. Arguably you can turn them into 5th Foot lights, but not the 4th or the 10th or the 23rd, or the Marines.

There are so many variations on the light infantry cap, that an enterprising company could distribute interchangable heads, each with a different pattern cap.

But the 8 poses seem very workable, especially if you blend them in with other figures and the various conversion possibilities to make a large body of individual troops.

Thanks for posting this, as I have been looking for a chance to sound off on this new playset, which I intend to buy.

The Collector said...

You are more then welcome ...hope you will become a member !!!