Sunday, June 29, 2014

Random Rants

First it seems CONTE has update his site with the usual claims.  Ho Hum

Collectors seem to be more verbal about their political views. See below

Don't we have enough social media ?   Facebook is such a joke.  Here the rift among collectors is most evident.  People get to see the personal side of some their collector friends  And Please don't claim to be a Toy Soldier Collector when you are a Toy collector. Better yet many are just hoarders.  I don't get it and they don't seem to either.

Good old AIP.  Leave them the hell alone.

I am told one manufacturer has stated the hobby (Toy Soldier Collecting) is sloqwing down.  Damn again ?  Been hearing that since I started

New Alamo figures dont look so hot.  TSSD defenders are giants and look like characters from Scrooge.

Hopefully his Lancers will be better but why more of those.  CTS has them covered and in a much more acceptable scale.  Sorry but the coming Pegesus Alamo defenders don't look that well to us.