Sunday, October 20, 2013


New figures, new buildings and more new WW2 figures to come soon!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Buildings, New and Old

Their seems to be an influx of new buildings.  CTS and Hobby Bunker have always had some nice entries as had TSSD and WTSC. as well as Barzso.

Now Austin Miniatures and Paragon have upped the stakes.   Details continue  to improve, some are panted, prices keep climbing too and unfortunately to us at least many are different scales.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Quickie Rant

The new TSSD Alamo figures are great we are told but were made to fit with CONTE's Alamo figs.  This means they are big.  We much prefer CTS Alamo figures as we have stated in the past.  TSSD also states the Defenders can be "EASILY" be used in other time periods such as ACW and the Wild West.  We assume they mean easily used with conversion as ALL poses have flintlock muskets or pistols.   They claim the Mexicans can also be used as French of the Napoleonic era.   Again we assume they mean with conversions as all of the rifles are Bakers and have the unique sword bayonet fitted.   (A few poses are not carrying a musket.)  The French never used this weapon.

So much for being picky. LOL LOL  Austin Cowboys look good, and we told they smaller then TSSD cowboys.  Their new buildings look big and bulky and we prefer the crisp clean lines of the TSSD Western buildings.

Paragon new figures look darn near perfect.