Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Paragon Figures

After a member on a FORUM indicated he seemingly had inside info regarding problems at Paragon(?)  This post appeared from the company itself/

Just wanted everyone to know that the Cavalry and Apache Scouts are on their way and should be available for purchase very soon. There will be 8 figures to a blister card - 4 Cavalry Scouts and 4 Apache Scouts. (including 2 poses that have never been seen on the website). They will be available in 2 ways. All buckskin OR Cavalry Scouts in light blue and Apaches in buckskin. $22 per blister card.


Good news but does this mean that in adding the TWO additional figures the card will have just the 8 figures?? If so that will be a shame.  For example Barzso's new boxed sets offer 16 figs at this same price.  We will have to wait and see ......  Bad news to me at least is that it appears their will be no Medium Blue figures available.  I love Paragon figures of this era.

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