Figure Reviews

We will do a few figure reviews based solely on the fact we like or dislike them. 

Last Update 6/1/2018

New Release PARAGON

Paragon released their new Plains Indian Set at the Texas Show

I dont do reviews on scale, weapons, under cuts etc.  Look to some of the old and new self proclaimed experts for that.  They are a to ME a great set and a great value ($28) compared to the prices Russian makers are hitting us with.  

> Austin Cowboys,,,,  First in scale (sort of) release of Cowboys in many years.  TSSD issues are simply to big for us.  Lots of action in these poses but a few things that make them not perfect fpr us.

> CTS German sets - Love them, fill a need etc.

> Paragon figures.......Have not met one we didn't like so far. But they gotta do something about the "Hat" to "head" ratio some say.  I like them fine. It is sad they have ended the Wild West Cavalry.

> TSSD... ..The Custer figures were kinda big. They do seem to mix well with the Paragon dis mounted. We will have to see how the TSSD ACW Cavalry mix in with the Paragon Mounted. The new Roman line we are not into and reports state they are a bit large.

> CTS GIs - Both sets are great and in a scale we like. Love the gun crews. Other Poses are great too. Accurate ? They are to me!!!

>TSSD Earps - IMHO they are huge! Not for me! FYI = TSSD has addressed this issue as noted in a post.

> Barzso - The New Barzso sets due in the Fall will be in 54mm! ...and in plastic.

>TSSD - The Earps are great figures as good as any plastic Conte as turned out IMHO.  Drawback is they are 60mm in size and may turn some collectors off.

>CTS German Medical Set -  They are great....... 16 54mm plastic figures in 8 poses.

>TSSD Cavalry set 24....Reins in wrong hand, ludicrous weapons  like a full size shot gun.  Shows to me little research.  Plug arms are great no glue needed.

> X-Force ACW Infantry - Have only seen and handled the Infantry set so far.  Excellent detail and fit well with what I have.  I have given up on TSSD and CONTE ACW.

> More X-Force  -  Another site has suggested that because X-Force has all three (3) branches of the Civil War armies one can create another "WORLD"  We say no thanks as we have a ONE world already and have recently booted Conte and TSSD ACW....... 1/25/2013