Monday, August 18, 2014

Social Media

SM continues to annoy and disgust me and many others.  Folks creating pages or sites using slight name variations of existing site or pages and drawing away members.  But did I mention that folks have to belong to EVERY site they see.  No loyalty folks.   One fool stated more then one site with exactly the same topic is good. What BS.  And the claims one is easier to navigate then that one.  More BS.  Enter ID enter PW.  All the same folks.  Yahoo groups after a nasty revision still remains the best now kinks are all worked out.  But those who love all these sites.pages and in many cases post the same thing to them all are too enthralled in seeing there posts in print to worry about sticking to one site. 


Looks like a lot of new items coming out I am not gonna list them as you most likely know what they are.  I am confused though as I hear from so many that the hobby is dwindling in members and the market is sort etc.  I have heard that Cunnyngham Collectibles has shut down but then I see he is still working on a Marine(s) ?? 

TSSD has at least to me nosed into the lead manufacturer position.  CTS is close behind IMHO.  The two newest guys Paragon and Austin described as Mavericks are edging up following their own rules.

Meanwhile I want more US Cavalry figures. 

Marksmen (?) not sure on the name is moving forward with its' Viet Nam era line.  I wonder which one of the old time dealers will leap into making Figures ?