Friday, January 31, 2014

High Prices

Although another Alamo set has entered the list for 2014 It may not be the year of Alamo figures after all as AIP releases War Elephants in March 2014.  At $25.00 a set (5 sets) collectors are screaming and one other manufacturer has sort of waived that tried old banner stating Support All your Manufacturers efforts.  In the past TSSD even made a statement to that general effect.  With prices already high form the various new Russians dealers like OWN and Asian company X-Force. one has to wonder if CHINA will soon raise the ante on CTS, TSSD, AIP (regular production) Paragon and the other so-called regular dealer/manufacturers .  In any case we find $25.00 a pop for an elephant, special release or not to be be high.  Our wallet will remain closed.  WE wonder too how TSSD made out with the sale of their reportedly incorrect War Elephant ?

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

2014 Start

The Alamo seems to be the darling of 2014.  Both TSSD and Paragon have announced sets for OTSN 2014.  TSSD will release Cavalry while Paragon will do Defenders.   K & C is also releasing an Alamo set or two.  Only Paragon has released photos.  Many feel the poses are from their others sets (who really cares?) and do not care for the head gear.  We agree ion this point.   Our question involved the fact this is another small set.  Their smallest yet with just 4 figures and a few extra heads.  No cost is listed but we have a feeling they will not be cheap.  Small sets to us mean a limited run which means a higher price.   Then why these smaller sets?  Do manufacturers envision smaller sales ?  Lots of question in our minds which we will address later.  And by the way as these (both) sets are in the newer scale they will find no place in the ranks of my Alamo defenders.

Both are to be commended for continuing to produce their fine lines of figures