Thursday, August 30, 2012


Or for you purists a few mere weeks away.   Lots of new plastic soldiers, most of which we already know about will finally be released or partially released  at the show.  Get those wallets out the new stuff is coming!!!

Saturday, August 25, 2012


Back in the day the only Indians I could find were MARX re-issues and some Airfix.  We are talking unpainted here so although Britains were around they were not for me.  Actually I wasn't all the interested in the Plains War era.  I figured I had plenty of US Cavalry figures from my huge ACW armies to press into service if I ever got the bug.  Over the years I picked up some Reisler, Reamsa and Dulcop Indians that weren't all that bad.  Then CTS released their Mtd Sioux.  Great Indians but so-so ponies.  The years passed while these guys all gathered dust and then TSSD released their Plains Indian sets.  WOW.  Foot and Mounted.  Except for a pose or two of my other Indians nothing really compared to these.  None that is except the Timpo Plains Indians.  A bit smaller overall and not as highly detailed, they still to me at least made the grade and joined the ranks of my Plains War Indians.  Check them out as they appear on EBAY from time to time.  As for the Plains War....the bug has bitten me.  Forward....Ho!!!!  (Photo from ATS TOYS EBAY Auctions of Timpo Indians)

Bad Pose

Just saw the Paragon Mtd Set.  My much beloved Apache battling figures it seems have one really eyesore of a pose.  (At least to me).  One figure is fighting with sword and pistol!!!!  Oh shame, shame, shame.   Set also has a few poses firing their carbines!  In my world those guys are halted, standing still.

One really great thing I noted is that the buckle on all of the carbine slings is in the back.  Take note TSSD.  When in the field this is how the Cavalry wore the sling.

Conte Musings

With no news from CONTE other then Sale Notices we wonder when the "Going out of Business" gossip will start?   No new plastic in years it seems.  We have been told that when collectors inquire about new plastic his reply has been "Send $$$" . Do his fine plastic figures cost more then CTS, TSSD and others who have continued to make plastic despite the economy? 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Can it be done ?

 actually be made that will span a period of 20 yrs with out looking too much like Civil War or Indian War Cavalry ? To many this will no doubt mean a lot. IMHO they cannot.  We will see come this Fall.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Another Rant or Question

A dealer on EBAY seems to me is asking crazy prices for single poses of re-issue MARX Untouchable and Arctic Explorers. 
Why ?  They are still available...I checked and they are not worth  $5.00 to $10.00 each.

Color Rant

Did I mention this already ?  I dont know how this got by me.  A manufacturer of Plastic 54mm figures who apparently been around quite awhile sells a set of the ACW Irish Brigade plastic   (sigh). 

Friday, August 3, 2012

CTS German Assult Set

My friend got his set and I hurried over to see them.  They are to me very much 54mm.  Nice poses including a flame thrower!  You will note much better and detailed reviews elsewhere soon I assure you.  The one thing thing that did catch my eye was that most of the lower torsos seem to be out of proportion to the upper parts.  But hey maybe they just have long legs.  Make your own  call.