Fav Fools

People we find ah....Foolish. Not all of the time but most of the time. (Last Update 10/20/2013) 3/31/2017 5/12/2018

So many more to list and so little time
> Small Scale World is a nasty blog run by a rather nasty man Hugh Walter 

> Ebay Dealer and also a Website...from Maryland....learn what you are selling PLEASE! 

> A Museum Owner in West Virginia.

> Former Dealer, self proclaimed expert in Pennsylvania. To steal a line from Zulu Dawn "Learn nothing from this man except how not to behave".

> Marx Collectors..sort of .......They pay a lot of money for MARX items. Lots of drama ...I know more etc......Who owns Marx today ? Who cares.......I do use some figures in my set-ups.

> Other Collector/Dealers ...The guys with the ego...They brag they have more knowledge and usually do not share. Those full of self importance. A few of those in the state of William Penn.

Also Trolls, Hand (Sock) Puppets, and Shills. Likewise I am disgusted by Manufacturers who use different names on sites usually to praise their own product. And those self proclaimed experts who brag so many seek them out for the vast knowledge they possess.

> Manufacturers  - who state their figures are AUTHENTIC

> Husband and wife dealer team that claim they purchased the "Marx Warehouse"

> That Guy in PA - ..... If you ever met him or talked to him you will know what I mean .  Recently he stated on his site that his calls to Playset Mag went unanswered.  One was related to some Wyatt Earp figures and the other related to his notifying the folks at PM of his recent illness/surgery.  Oh yes the collector community surely needs to know that last one.

> The company producing the Missile Defense Set (re-issued Marx Space Cannon and a Missile Launcher, No Missile)

>Those who Embellish - Ya know those guys who "add" to descriptions with their own thoughts.  Like website owners, authors, and magazine publishers/editors.  State the facts, back them up and STOP with the "I feel....." or the "Perhaps they......."  Guess that means I dislike speculators too come top think of it.

> Americana - The Irish Brigade Set....in GREEN of course!!!!!  No this is NOT a BMC product

> EBAY Dealer .....Alamo1836....Buyer BEWARE   Bewre he likes to change his ID

> Marx Collector  .....spokesman for Barzso? , Playset Mag?  and maybe others he always claims he knows nothing.

>Hobby Bunker Forum is noting more then a Vendor Site  same goes for Treefrog.

 So many on the PA site...Don Perkins, Nevins and Sell...others ........