Saturday, July 26, 2014

Levels of Hobby Involvement

Here ya go........

Collector  potentially harmless at least for awhile

Collector/Dealer - Sells a bit to finance hobby but head is getting big as he is know rubbing elbows with a few manufacturers

Dealer  for the most part he has now become a pain in the butt

Dealer/Manufacturer  Has now become in most cases an even bigger pain the butt.  Knows all and doesn't really even like collectors LOL   They are demanding and dont understand what product is.

Their ya have it. 

And as for shady dealings IMHO opinion they have all had some with the exception of TSSD, AIP and the new guys.  A few have even spent time in jail.  

Womder Why

WHy do some post the same statements and/or photos to every related site they can ?