Saturday, October 13, 2012

New Additions Fix

A few days ago we installed a gadget that allowed only members to post or comment.  Worked fine BUT members were then required to log in!   We set everything back to where it was. 

Friday, October 12, 2012

Paragon Paradox

 Paragon has addressed a Forum members thoughts on the New Scout Set costs

 Member stated
While these figs look fabulous, I'm assuming that the numerical demand for "scouts" is probably going to be less than for rank and file troopers or Indians simply because most folks won't be using more than a handful of scouts in any set-up. So if the producer can't anticipate selling multiple sets to customers, he'd really have to charge more than average to recover the costs.

Paragon Reply
Thank you, Plastic Fan, for your insight. Specialty figures are more costly to produce exactly for the reason you stated. Mold and production costs are even higher for Specialty figures than they are for rank and file troopers. The factory requires minimum orders and when you go below their minimum they slap on additional fees.

Our customers asked for these figures. We wanted to please them. We also want to stay in business. In order to do both we have to charge a price that will allow us to do both.

Thanks to all for your feedback.


My Thoughts
If Paragon didnt think they would sell then they should have explained that to their customers and not do them.   It seems that the fact they ordered a minimum run was the reason for the higher costs.  I myself do not think of these as Specialty figures.  They can easily be used as rank and file. 

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Paragon Figures

After a member on a FORUM indicated he seemingly had inside info regarding problems at Paragon(?)  This post appeared from the company itself/

Just wanted everyone to know that the Cavalry and Apache Scouts are on their way and should be available for purchase very soon. There will be 8 figures to a blister card - 4 Cavalry Scouts and 4 Apache Scouts. (including 2 poses that have never been seen on the website). They will be available in 2 ways. All buckskin OR Cavalry Scouts in light blue and Apaches in buckskin. $22 per blister card.

Good news but does this mean that in adding the TWO additional figures the card will have just the 8 figures?? If so that will be a shame.  For example Barzso's new boxed sets offer 16 figs at this same price.  We will have to wait and see ......  Bad news to me at least is that it appears their will be no Medium Blue figures available.  I love Paragon figures of this era.

Monday, October 8, 2012

TSSD New Cavalry

Just as I got my hands on this set TSSD  posts some photos,  Half the set has pose using their right hand to hold the reins and you know I do not care for that.  No guidon bearers or sword wavers in this set. The man cradling the rifle and  the man firing a FULL sized shotgun also turned me off.   Folks of course can convert what they do not like.   I think it is great that you will not need glue for the plug arms.  These are the best (plugs) I have seen.  Also TSSD is to be commended for what are actually very nice figures and for holding down the price.  They are a bargain at $24.00 for 8 figures, 8 horses and 16 plug arms.

Saturday, October 6, 2012


I read on a forum that Steve Weston Dealer/Manufacturer of some really excellent figures stated that MARX figures were always smaller then others.  Hmmm I am not a Marx collector per say but I do have most of the re-issue figure sets and accessories.  I have always found MARX fit great with Airfix, Britains, Reisler, Gung-Ho Timpo solids and a few others.  Even Mr. Westom's First attempt which were cowboys many label the Mag 7 fit right in.  Of course then he joined the ranks of TSSD and Conte in using this "new" 54mm scale.

 Is it me or are these new MAKERS always trying to detract from MARX  and/or the "Old" 54mm scale.
Of course I do buy some of the new "scale" but if they do not mix well with the old I pass on them.  I am so happy CTS and Barzso seem to have decided to stick to the old 54mm.

Conte News

Ho hum....... more metal coming ........Whoopee!!!!!.


We added a few gadgets to the blog.   On the right you can now subscribe to the Blog via email.  At the bottom of the Home page you now view a summary of recent comments.  This saves having to go thru all of the Posts.  Also in order to POST or Comment you must be a member. 

EBAY Elephants

Had some great luck in obtaining 4 Elephants on Ebay (One is not pictured here).  All are Asian.  They will join the ranks of my British Expeditionary Force (my own creation).  (Click to enlarge)

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Alert! Alert!

The British are going ..........!!!!!!!  (click to enlarge)

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Here are a few photos I didn't post in the Campaign Tab.  Click to enlarge as always.

The right and center BEF flanks move forward together
SOldiers of the right flank clear the wall firing platform of the village from the rear.
Arabs atop the "Church" continue to snipe at the BEF as they enter the village.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Elephants in War

Hmmm I always wondered about this and as I was planning on adding a few to my British Colonial Army I did some simple research.  It seems that very few African ones were ever used in WAR.  The Asian was the common one.  The differences to look for is small ears on the Asian.  Now I am off to the Elephant Auctions on EBAY!!!