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Dispatched from HQTS at Fort Pitt a combined force heads towards the Oasis at El KaBar where reportedly an Arab Chief has setup shop charging travelers to use the water at this remote location. Little is known of this Oasis and the Brits expect no problems.

The Start........advance on the Oasis
Meanwhile at the Oasis.......
A Arab caravan arrives with ivory and slaves.

The British advance quite surprized at the size of the Oasis and nearby ruins.

A strong skirmish line is deployed. The left is anchored in the ruins while the center and the right face the Oasis. Cavalry and Camel Corp surge up the right flank crossing to the center. Firing erupts from the Oasis.

BEF Cavalry attack up the road in the center.
Moving into the Ruins on the left flank
The Reserve on the left flank
BEF takes up defensive positions in the ruins.
Arab Hqts...
The Camel Corp consisting of the Guards comes up on the right flank

The Cavalry sweeping across the front of the line encounter dismounted Arabs coming out of the Oasis while ahead of them on the road is a larger party of dismounted Arabs with a large mounted force in their rear. Meanwhile they note Arabs rushing from the rocks around the wells of the left flank, into the ruins. Hand to hand fighting starts almost immediately as the small Brit force in the ruins is all but overrun.
With the right flank secured by the advancing Camel Corp the reserve on the left flank is ordered forward. Unexpectedly a detachment of Sudanese Infantry arrive. Such heavy resistance was never expected. For now the line must be held until a battle plan can be worked out. Excited over the fact that the British line seems to be falling back the Arab force presses hard and hand to hand combat ensues once again.  The Guards Cavalry has smashed the Arab cavalry on the road but it must fall back as it was taking heavy fire from the village.  The Camel Corp was to cover its retreat but it seems to have wandered off to the left flank.  Meanwhile a scouting party captures the Arab Hqts.  They alone hold the right flank.

 Re-forming British fall victim to Arab troops. (Click on photo)

Above, Arabs attack the center of the line as it attempts to fall back.

The British right flank which has been out of communication with the other flanks breaks into the village.

The left flank holds firm and the Arabs withdraw. The British Cavalry having beat back the Arab cavalry head back down the road to the right flank cutting down the Arabs on the road.

With some communications re-established the Left and Center flank are ordered to withdraw back to the edge of the ruins.   The Camel Corp dismounts and moved to support the attack on the village.

The Arabs return but are repulsed time and time again by the troops on the edge of the ruins.

A final push on the village brings the Arabs of AL-Kabar to their knees and the slaves
are released!

A few die-hards wave their banners from the roof of the village building.
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