Saturday, September 22, 2012

OTSN and Barzso

The room trading will end soon and the show will be tomorrow.  But already EBAY seller NAVYDAVYJONES seems to broken up Barzso;s new set "The Battle of Lexington Green" and is selling it piecemeal on good old EBAY.  He has the bagged figs too!  Good old internet...LOL LOL


G. Thomas Fitzpatrick said...

Well, at least we can see all the components before our sets arrive in the next couple of weeks. What we can see raises a few points.

The houses look nice painted. But did colonial New Englanders use blue for house paint? Gotta check that one out before repainting.

The accessories seem good. The 6-pounder looks like the best 1/32 scale artillery piece for this period, except for Imrie/Risley's lead one.

The stone walls seem a little high. Looks like they took Robert Frost a little too seriously.

Lamp posts for a rural New England town of 1775. Hmmm. Doolittle didn't show any. The stocks are a nice touch, and Concord center probably had a set.

With regard to the character figures, Pitcairn looks good, though they neglected to provide saddle holsters for the famous pair of Scotch pistols that he lost later that day when his horse bolted. What is that in Paul Revere's hand? And they copied the minuteman statue on the Green for Parker. Well, at least the legend says it is a good likeness since the model was his grandson.

No trees shown for the set, which is fine with me, as I prefer to buy up the local Michael's supply of Lemax Halloween and Christmas village trees and make the nesessary adjustments to make them look like mid-April in greater Boston. Just spent an hour plucking Fall leaves off another half dozen last weekend.

In other news, W. Britains is releasing 11 new militia poses, which seem to be intended as an answer to First Legion. And they are also shipping in the next few weeks an additional 6 poses of 10th Foot Light Infantry (there were a total of 6 poses released in days of yore which are still available on the collectors' market for about the value of the family jewels). If you combine the Britains and Barzso poses (and I picked up 2 bags of the Barzso F&I American Militia as well and painted them up while on vacation) with what is on the market already from Accurate and Marx, many poses from Imrie/Risley, as well as some poses from AIP and Accurate's British infantry and Barzso's F&I British Fring Line, you can field something like a decent militia company, especiaslly if you are adept at conversions and vary paint jobs cleverly.

This is a great time for this period. When I was a kid, all there was was Marx and Imrie-Risley. Now all there is to complain about is that Pitcairn doesn't have saddle holsters!

JimC said...

I can answer a couple of your concerns... I scultped the building and stone wall for the playset. When I visited Lexington and Concord last year I noticed that the stone walls are indeed quite low.. We made the decision to make them higher so a kneeling, firing guy gets a little more cover.... Lamp Posts - thought they would be a cool add-on and useful for other scenarios... I've read that there was a stock near the belfry on Lexington Green... regardless another cool accessory. Anyway, that's just a little "insight" into a couple of the decisions that were made. I'm glad you like the playset.. It's my favorite and I'm looking forward to possibility of a Yorktown playset for next year!


Jim Clouse