Monday, January 9, 2012

Conte under Attack ?

I have not seen the location but am told by a few that forces are on the move against CONTE. Why ? Not exactly sure. No reason given. I am told he is being defended by his number one fan "The Lt" and his reported SHILL/TROLL whatever ya want to call him, LordAnhausen. Some say this guy is CONTE himself. We don't get it. He announces he will produce Western figures again which he originally stated last year before TSSD even started and the critics come out of the woodwork. We are told the sets are not even plastic!!!


Scott B. Lesch said...

If so I have to add another on-line enemy I've made to the list. Challenging collectors on-line is like doubting their god or their wives beauty!

I do have to add that I have almost 500 of Conte's plastic Normans, Viking, CW, Texans, and Mexicans so I have put some money down on Conte's products.

The Collector said...

Challenging a Manufacturer is even worse or so it seems.

The Collector said...

I do not think it is very hard to make any enemy of CONTE